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Musts Music Q&A -- I thought we'd devote even more space to finding out just what was in the Barbados waters that turned her and her childhood best bud Rihanna into music superstars. Us Magazine.com: What is "Impossible" about to you? And it's just so fun to see how we have come this far together. I remember when she reached out she was like 'oh my god, "Impossible" is going to be huge for you. Like 'we are going to be famous one day'? We were in cadets together and I was her drill sergeant at one point. It was just really great to have someone who you look up to come down to your level and come down to talk to you, and she's just a really good mentor.

Shontelle: When I first heard the demo I knew that people could just really relate to what it feels like to put a lot of time or energy into something or someone, and you are just going along and one day you realize this is not going to last forever like you hoped for or you were expecting. We finally just got back into the studio together again. As much as we grew up together neither one of us had any clue the other wanted to be a singer. I was like, 'you did not even tell me you were doing the long red hair! She's always rockin' out a different look.

It was announced at Coscap Foundation press conference this year’s Coscap Foundation Award of Excellence goes to Shontelle Layne.

Artist, producer, songwriter, Shontelle is one of the most internationally successful Coscap members in the history of the organization. Shontelle has written successfully for local and regional artists as well as international artists such as Rihanna.

Shontelle’s rise to stardom started in her native Barbados, where from an early age she was part of a musical family, singing and playing the piano.

However it was while studying entertainment law at the University of the West Indies (UWI) that she started writing songs for some Caribbean big-name artistes.

Ironically, it is “Roll“, a rhythmic women’s anthem she penned four years ago for Barbadian soca Queen Allyson Hinds, that today anchors Shontelle’s just-released debut album, “Shontelligence” “Shontelligence” merely defines the knowledge that I have acquired throughout my life, the knowledge yet to be absorbed and ultimately the product of all my experiences which I then translate into my music,” she says of the new CD.

In a room at her record company's offices on Broadway, the Barbados-born singer Shontelle Layne is being briskly transformed from a fresh-faced 23-year-old into the sort of impossibly flawless Amazonian goddess that only truly exists in pricey pop videos.As a hairdresser attaches and trims a dozen extensions, then gets to work with tongs, a make-up artist applies more layers of slap than a woman twice the singer's age would reasonably require.At the centre of the beauty storm, Shontelle exudes calm and the giggly charm of someone…In fact, it was while in Barbados, searching for the writer of “Roll” to license it for International release, that Rogers and Sturken met Shontelle and discovered she was not only a writer, but a singer and a looker.“We couldn’t believe that she was such a great singer and so young and beautiful and hadn’t been discovered yet,” remarked Rogers.

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She has written and collaborated with internationally renowned and multi award-winning songwriter Diane Warren.