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My old passport has a 2-year validity visa for DR Congo expiring on .

If you made such a journey, it's because the airline updated your details for you (which they're allowed to do). Since I travel a LOT , I need to renew my passport every year almost .First you need to plugin Passport-Local Mongoose into your User schema You're free to define your User how you like.Passport-Local Mongoose will add a username, hash and salt field to store the username, the hashed password and the salt value.You should configure Passport/Passport-Local as described in the Passport Guide.Passport-Local Mongoose supports this setup by implementing a option to specify an alternative username Field name, for example "email" passport-local would still expect your frontend login form to contain an input field with name "username" instead of email.

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Additionally Passport-Local Mongoose adds some methods to your Schema.

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