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Contact the city clerk for information on required permits.

“You don’t just pick up the phone and call an airline,” she said.An overview of licensing and permitting requirements follows this list of city and county contacts.City of Biggs City Hall, 3016 Sixth Street, Biggs, CA 95917 (530) 868-5493 of Gridley City Hall, 685 Kentucky St., Gridley, CA 95948 General: (530) 846-5695 (business license) Planning: (530) 846-3631(zoning, environmental review) Forms Online: of Chico 411 Main Street, P. Box 3420, Chico, CA 95928 Planning: (530) 879-6800 Finance Office: (530) 895-4837 (business license) Forms Online: of Oroville 1735 Montgomery Street, Oroville, CA 95965 Community Development: (530) 538-2408 (planning, building, business license) of Paradise 5555 Skyway, Paradise, CA 95969 Community Development: (530) 872-6291 (building, zoning) City Clerk: (530) 872-6291 business license is currently required.With less than a month on the job, Sherry Miller knows how much she has to do.Reminding the new Chico Municipal Airport manager are an array of yellow legal pads, federal regulation bibles, a thick notebook calendar and her cellphone dotting her desk. Before the next month is out, she’ll be situated in her permanent place on the other side of the airport terminal, with windowed walls facing the airport runways.

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Description: The City council unanimously approved the City’s 10 point economic strategy to create the conditions in Chico that foster investment to occur within the community.