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Prevent steam from updating

When it finished it nolonger had my username/password in it, so I put them in and logged in (Steamguard did not proc and it did not send me an e-mail, so it partly recognized my device as authorized). However, in this morning when I launched steam, 'first-time login' window were popped up. And after login I found my games were removed :( What is very interesting, I use Manjaro x64 with Xfce too! Something like "cp -rl ~/.local/share/steam/steamapps/common .common_backup". That way if steam deletes it you'll still have the files without any additional hard drive space being used.To my surprise my entire steam library was listed as uninstalled. Is it possible that this is a package maintainers' problem? Although i guess you'd still have to keep recreating the hardlink when a game gets updated with new files.We have one for Stable/Beta and another for Early Access, (TIP You can actually download specific versions by clicking on their version number).

TIP Make sure to back up any data such as Android Keystores etc before updating.

There are lots of reasons why you might not want Windows 10.

You might be upset about sweeping privacy changes, or perhaps your PC isn't compatible and you're going to come unstuck with a load of incompatibility errors.

Currently running manjaro(arch) 64 bit with xfce4 wm. I has the same problem than Garciabruno happened to me at least 4 or 5 times after updates. I entered it, it came up with a quick display of "updating information" and BAM all my games wiped.

When I launch Steam, it asks me to log in, the when I get to my library nothing was installed and even the non-steam games links were removed. I even tried to backup my game files beforehand, but steam's backup tool kept locking up, so I have no possibility of preventing this.

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Maybe you have legacy software that doesn't work in Windows 10 or when you first upgraded to Windows 10 you found your games were running significantly slower than they had on the previous version of Windows, so you downgraded. We're here to show you how to get rid of those pesky, in-your-face notifications that Microsoft has been firing at its users since Windows 10 became a 'recommended' update.

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