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Stefano Brizzi, who was imprisoned for murdering a police officer and dissolving his body in acid, has been found dead in jail.A Prison Service spokesperson confirmed that Brizzi, 50, died on Sunday at HMP Belmarsh, southeast London.Based on the true story of Alferd Packer — the only person convicted of cannibalism in America – the show follows Alferd and his companions, on the hunt for Colorado gold, when they lose their way in the wilderness and are forced to consider unthinkable acts: Singing! This theatrical production, bears all the hallmarks of a Parker-Stone collaboration: irreverent humor, uproarious lyrics, and catchy tunes. Conceived when he was a film student at the University of Colorado.

Large primal cuts, such as, whole roasted lamb shoulders, braised pig’s heads, and whole racks of prime dry aged beef, is how our menu utilizes the whole animals received daily.

At its most primal sense, The Cannibal, is a butcher’s restaurant.

The menu exudes the sense that your neighborhood butcher, who happens to be obsessed with beer, has decided to make dinner.

“If you think you could be my prince charming, send me a detailed letter with at least 2 photos.” Magnotta murdered 33-year-old Jun Lin in May 2012, defiling and chopping up the body, even filming himself eating parts of it.

The Canadian Cannibal, as he became known in newspapers around the world, then wrapped up and shipped off Lin’s severed hands and feet to elementary schools and politicians around the country.

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