Invalidating the non client area birmingham alabama interracial dating

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Invalidating the non client area

I can't get into the details of this one because it was proprietary, but that is a good example of where you would really need an odd-shaped window. If clicked, they will change color, and depending on which button is clicked, the cat's expression will change from happy to neutral to sad.The example I'm going to use here is for sheer amusement. For example, in the screen snapshot below, the caret is over the letter T and the left button has been pushed. Now, to demonstrate this is really the shape of the window, and not just a clever picture, I'll show a rather blank-looking cat reading some of the documentation that tells how to accomplish this.

My own opinion is that far too many people do this because they are under one of two illusions: (1) that they are graphic designers or (2) if they are graphic designers, that they understand user interface issues.Also, the thing you are doing down in Win Main() with Get DC() is absolutely wrong!I see this over and over and over again by beginners, that is, using Get DC in such a manner.Using the Invalidate Rect() i can force the client area of a window to be redrawn (completely).However, this doesn't work with the Non-Client area of it. Thanks Generally, you will never need to invalidate the nonclient area of a window. So, when it comes to updating it, i blit the gfx with some order.

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From 4.523/4.619 the DP4 terminal manager will accept the message Register Window Message("DP4_DDI_INCH") as a synonym for WM_CHAR messages to stop mangling.