Intimidating management

Posted by / 09-Sep-2017 10:23

That doesn’t mean that the sales department had it all hunky-dory; it’s also the sales team members who had to bear the brunt of a boss’s wrath.

When things don’t go their way, that’s where you come across the real side of the boss.

Recommended Reading: 8 (Legit) Ways To Impress Your Boss Bosses (not leaders – there is a difference) are humans too and they have their preferences and dislikes and if you play your cards well, you will be able to work not only for them, but also with them.

There have been employees I knew personally, who never performed that well, but still they manage to keep their jobs because they knew how to be in the boss’s good books.

A lot of the folks that we have talked to have admitted that being relentlessly intimidated at work causes them to suffer with various health problems like anxiety and depression.

If you are experiencing these intimidating behaviors where you work, then we would encourage you to seek help right away.

It may be because they thought that sales teams were the crux of a firm, and therefore, bosses made sure that the sales team members were well looked after.Your co-workers may be bullying you if they give you the "silent treatment" or otherwise consistently ostracize you. Superiors, peers or even subordinates may sabotage your work to provide a pretext for disciplining you or even firing you.Your tormentors may even accuse you of bullying them if you stand up to them.They feel this is the only way to successfully pull through hard economic times.But strong management can easily spill over into Bullying. They take the view that they are being abrupt and tough out of necessity. A lot of consultants and trainers are now focusing on this problem.

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Staff, however, can feel harassed and treated badly. They offer advice to managers on identifying the fine line between bullying and strong management.