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The place is decked with Cranford rose garden, a vast spread of cherry blossoms and a lovely koi pond, all of which perfectly blends in to give it its romantic vibe.Come here to feel the love in the air, which is quite palpable; and as you go on chatting the day away, exploring more about each other, you will realise that nothing would have been better than this summer date.You know the situation: first date, don’t want to commit to dinner, but also don’t want to get accidentally wasted or end up in your apartment at 11pm still running on the fumes of your sad desk lunch. And we promise your jokes will seem funnier under the flattering light of the perfect first date spot.

The gist of it is that before going on a first date, the first three dates need to be completely planned out, with attention paid to newness, coolness, and locations across the boroughs.You know how you tend to like people more when you’re with them in an attractive space? It’s hard for a date to go too wrong when you have a seat at the giant U-shaped bar, a perfectly-made cocktail in hand, and maybe a burger to split in front of you. Nothing says “let’s take this slow” like a tiny plate of olives. Chelsea is home to many Spanish date spots, and Tía Pol has more of a bar vibe than something like El Quinto Pino.“Let’s meet somewhere in the East Village.” Raise your hand if your first thought is “OK, but not too far East in the East Village.” It’s a first date - you’re not ready to commit to a journey over and back from Avenue C. El Quinto Pino has two rooms to suit different kinds of first date needs – a bar where you can grab a glass of wine and sangria, and a dining room for more of a sit-down situation. If things look promising, you can move on to something more substantial (preferably the Uni Panini). It can get loud and lively from time to time, and that might be a good thing depending on who you’re going out with.Image Source: Dan/A romantic detour in this zen garden is probably one of the best ways to experience togetherness in NYC.Far from the city's hubbub, this little oasis offers a peaceful getaway for couples.

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Dante has you covered on both fronts – it’s a very pleasant space that feels simultaneously laid-back and happening.